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Israel-Jordan-Egypt Tours 

 The combination of different types of touring-programs that include Israel, Jordan, and Egypt has always been the aspiration of tourists and tour organizers. This aspiration could only be fulfilled with the signing of the peace accord between Israel and Jordan. "Ahalan Olympus" is one of the pioneers in making this dream come true, not only for groups, but also for individuals!

Crossing the borders is easy, as most nationalities obtain their visa directly at the border. This makes it much easier for us to plan and operate cross-border tours, even at a very short notice.

Our team has a special, personal relationship, that is more than just business-relation, with our partners across the border. The tourist booking our tours is the main beneficiary from this strong and special friendship, which we developed with our Egyptian and Jordanian partners over the years.

Through us you can travel to the Holy City "Jerusalem", magic Petra, the Pyramids of Egypt, and more… all this in ONE TRIP!

Let us be your Tour Operator, and you will be able to enjoy our swift and qualitative response, and high level performance!

Check now our Special Programs:

The Grand Tour!!

One Week Tour Israel & Jordan

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