Vacations in Israel – Galilee

The Provence of Israel – the Galilee

The Galilee territory in northern Israel is a zone of moving slopes, forest both characteristic and planted and sections of tons of old olive forests with a percentage of the most seasoned olive trees in Israel. The Galilee is famous for its many boutique wineries, homemade cheeses, and excellent rural restaurants and above all, it’s wonderful Olive Oil. The Galilee is also home to much of Israel Arab population, many of whom live in traditional villages, each with its unique atmosphere and a rich culinary heritage.


No cooking vacation in Israel would be complete without a trip to the area, from the ancient walled city of Akko with its traditional covered market (Suk) to the Golan Heights with it boutique wineries, there is something for everyone.


This ancient walled city once ruled by the Crusaders and the scene of much history is also the home to a small fishing port and a traditional covered market. Strolling through the alleyways and passages as part of your cooking vacation, you will find an amazing variety of spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and a variety of fish caught the same day and as sweet and fresh as you could want. This market also has got its fair share of traditional restaurants where you can sit down and enjoy fresh humus and pita bread, followed by strong Arab coffee.

Cheese Please

Scattered throughout the Galilee area are numerous small cheese makers. Many have small flocks of sheep or goats and use the milk to produce unique cheeses with their distinct flavors and textures. As part of your cooking vacation, you must take a tour of these wonderfully unique places and try the magnificent cheeses they have to offer.

Wine tasting

Nothing goes better with good cheese than a glass of good wine. While on your cooking vacation in the Galilee, you will discover some of the excellent wineries that have established themselves over the years and that produce some of the finest boutique wine that the country has to offer you. Numerous of the wineries have guided family tours operators in Israel and wine tastings, so as long as you’re not driving, spend a day or two just eating cheese and drinking wine – a food lover’s paradise.

Olive Oil – the green gold

No cooking vacation in the Galilee would be complete without a visit to some of the ancient olive groves and a tour of an oil press. Throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, olive oil has long been part of every nationalities cuisine and played a vital role in the areas economy. Even today, the “Green Gold” is a staple foodstuff for many and the olive picking season is a family occasion when young and old alike all lend a hand.

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