Israel bar mitzvah tour

There is nothing exciting than you and your family having a bar mitzvah in Israel, the historic site symbolizes the culture and spirit of the Jewish people. There could be nothing important than seeing you and your family become bar mitzvah at Masada, this can be a long-lasting experience for all family members. Fortunately, Israel tour services providers have created exceptional family bar mitzvah tours with massive venture activities that range from snorkeling, visiting historical sites, river rafting to visiting historical sites. The adventures are designed to engage every member of your family. In addition, there a couple of options to choose from when it comes to selecting your ultimate tour guide. The tour guide company will organize everything for you, rom accommodation to best hotels for your family, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for best hotels.

Israel bar mitzvah tour

What to expect from bar mitzvah tour

A bar mitzvah at Masada is the most thrilling experience of touring Israel; the Masada is the best place to have a bar mitzvah. The testament to Jewish devotion, experience at the pillar and survival is the best. The meaningfulness of the celebration is captivating, intimate, and inspiring. It even becomes more important when the children get a chance to participate.

Bar mitzvah details

· Yad vashem : you will get the chance to see the amazing model of Jerusalem and the dead sea scrolls

· Western wall : detailed tour in the heart of Jerusalem

· Tel Marisha Archaeological dig : scrutinize the past at a real archeological site

· Giant menorah : issuing of bar mitzvah certificates

· Israel museum : see the mini model o Jerusalem and the dead sea scrolls

· Jerusalem time elevator : a digital replicated journey through history of Jerusalem

· Tower of David: see virtual reality images of Jerusalem being projected on the Citadel

· Dead sea : take unsinkable swim during a night at the dead sea

· Bedouins : ride a camel and enjoy tea and hospitality in their tent

· Masada: enjoy the meaningful bar mitzvah celebration at the greatest symbol of Israel’s existence.

· Caesaria: visit the ancient Roman amphitheater

· Gab garoo : koala and kangaroo experience in the middle of Israel

· Fun boat voyage : enjoy music and dance on the sea of Galilee

· Haifa : tour the beautiful Persian gardens and Bahai temple

Tip to enjoy the trip

The tour includes all important spots that you can find in Israel, you will have a chance to see everything that you heard through stories come to reality. If you want to have a wonderful experience, hire a professional tour guide company that knows what they are doing. This will help to avoid waiting at sites waiting get a pass permit, the time schedules will be made and be followed from your own take.

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