Jerusalem Old & new city

One of the world’s oldest cities, Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel and Palestine, a place filled with history and culture. Jerusalem is also a top destination for Christians, Jews and Muslims who gather in the spiritual center of the world looking for peace and spirituality. People who come here often visit the surroundings, taking guided tour in the lands around Jerusalem, all offering sight-seeing experiences in the places where many Bible parables took place.

Jerusalem Old & new city

But what a visit in the spiritual capital of the world should start with is a tour of the Jerusalem Old and New City. Here you’ll be guided through 4,000 years of history by visiting the most important sites of the region. It can be truly overwhelming to see so many centuries preserved on these holy lands. Some of the greatest attractions of Jerusalem Old and New city are the Western Wall, the Holy Sepulchre – the place where Jesus was crucified and buried but the list doesn’t stop here.

One of the most impressive stops is the Mount Olives. You’ll get a scenic view of the city from here and get to soak in the beauty of it. Mount Olives is located east of the Old Jerusalem and got its name hundreds of years ago, from the olive-groves that once covered it. The place offers much more than just a great panoramic view; it also offers a history lesson, as this is the place where Jesus ascended into heaven. Even in our day and time, the Mount is still a place of pilgrimage for many Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic believers.

As you’ll go down Mount Olives, you’ll see the Garden of the Gethsemane, at the foot of the Mount. This is where Jesus used to pray. Your journey through Old City will likely continue as you go through the Zion Gate and head to the Jewish Quarter. Here you’ll find the Western Wall, the holiest Jewish site in Jerusalem. The wall is impressive not just by its age (2,000 years old), but by the thousands of prayer papers you’ll find between its cracks, as proof of the many people that visited the place.

Walking along Via Dolorosa will take you through the Christian Quarter while you recreate Jesus’ walk to his own crucifixion. Some of the most iconic attractions on the road are the Hill of Calvary, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Stone of the Anointing.

You shouldn’t end your Jerusalem Old and New city tour without a stop at the Holocaust History Museum in New Jerusalem, as we are the only Tour operators in Israel organizing both daily tours of Jerusalem as well as Private Tours of Jerusalem.

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