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The Amazing tours of Masada

Visiting Masada is really a lifetime experience if you are bored with the regular tour packages and looking for something that is both entertaining as well as educating to experience the wonders of the ancients. By visiting Masada you can surely witness the mystery and beauty of the Holy land with the help of the local tour guide who can help you learn about the history of the land and also experience it the same time. The local private guide masada tours sure helps you experience the biblical times trending the same paths used at those times and also experience the modern life of the metropolitan cities as a rare combination in the masada tour.


Masada has been a world heritage site on the world heritage center list.According to UNESCO’s world heritage treaty (1972), this inclusion reflects the extraordinary worldly importance of this site, which makes it worthy for protection for future generations.

Masada resides on an isolated cliff ion the Judea Desert, more than 400 meters above the adjacent Dead Sea. The combination of cliffs and escarpments in the middle of a desert, provided the place a perfect natural defense system.Despite the natural elements, Herod the Great surrounded Masada by a strong double wall. This was not an easy operation along 600 meters length and 300 meters width of Masada’s peak.Herod the Great did more than that – Masada was not just a fortress, but also a royal citadel with big palaces, a state-of-the-art public bath house, and some smaller palaces which probably hosted Herod’s family members.

The northern palace is the most impressive structure at Masada, and the way it was constructed is still astonishing: the palace is attached to the northern cliff edge, and it seems to be hanging on a brink. The cliff is made of three rock levels, and in order to make those levels bigger – builders constructed huge supporting walls.

The top part had four bedrooms and a veranda overlooking the spectacular sight of the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Oasis and the Moab hills. A sophisticated hidden stairway led to the second level where a big hall was built, surrounded by another veranda with polls that seem to hang from the edge of the cliff. The stairway then continued to the lowest level, where a huge hall was built, surrounded by exedras.

Masada Preservation

The Israel Parks and Nature authority puts great efforts and resources into preserving the Masada, and makes use of the best researchers and technologies worldwide. The reconstructing of collapsed walls and buildings recreate the original Masada. Reconstructing and preservation is made with the original construction materials which were used to build Masada. This form of reconstruction is especially important when handling wall paintings, mosaics and artistic elements.

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