Negev Desert & Eilat

For a holiday filled with contrasting wonders, nothing beats a visit to the Negev & Eilat. Explore the contrasts of Lush city parks and stark rugged mountains, vibrant Red Sea ocean life and the sheer emptiness of the “Dry” (Negev means dry in Hebrew) desert with our Best Israel Travel Agents. If that’s not enough you can enjoy a visit to the ancient Bedouins for lunch and a long night in the dance clubs of the city…. The Negev & Eilat has enough history, archaeological treasure, spectacular vistas and tourist attractions for a perfect adventure.

Negev Desert & Eilat

The Negev Desert & Eilat is home to only 8% of the Israeli population but takes up almost half of the land area of the entire State of Israel. Being such a large area it’s not surprising that the Negev Desert & Eilat have attractions for both adventure lovers and history fanatics. For thousands of years the area has seen populations and civilizations rise and fall. The ancient Israelites had cities and forts, so did the Nabateans and Romans.

In modern times the first farms and kibbutzim were built in the early 1940’s and after the War of Independence, the region saw a sudden burst of new immigrants wanting a fresh start. A few years later Eilat started to grow.

67 years later the Negev desert & Eilat is a different place. The desert is starting to bloom, and what was once semi-arid land is now lush and fertile farmland. Thanks to the advanced irrigation techniques developed by its residents, the Negev is full of kibbutzim and agricultural settlements that grow olives, tomatoes, dates and even melons. This bounty of a once empty land gets exported every winter to the tables of Europe.

Eilat, at the southern most point of Israel stakes a claim to one of the most unique regions in the world. Its location is at the northern tip of the Red Sea, it shares the Gulf of Aqaba with four countries (Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia) and nowhere else can you share so much history while enjoying the best that the modern world has to offer.

As a resort town, Eilat has a thriving tourism industry. It is known worldwide as one of the premiere locations for scuba diving. Eilat is a city filled with restaurants, bars, and spectacular hotels with duty free shopping.

If you are looking for things to do there you won’t be disappointed:
– Hike in the Negev: the mountains and wadi’s in and around the Negev Desert & Eilat make for some awe-inspiring hikes

– Visit the Makhtesh Ramon: A crater formed by erosion instead of a volcano or meteor makes for a unique educational and scenic experience.

– Coral Beach Reserve: Enjoy snorkeling in a protected coral reef reserve, filled with mesmerizing sea life
Only a quick flight or an easy drive from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, the Negev desert & Eilat should be a definite entry on your travel bucket list.

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