New Jordanian Visa regulations

Dear Agents & guests


As of the 1st of January 2016 there are new regulations at the Arava Itzak Rabin border crossing into Jordan:

We can prepare the visa at the cost of $60, which is presently cheaper than at the Jordanian Embassy in Tel Aviv:


Please see below for conditions.

Passengers traveling to Jordan via the Arava crossing will be required to have a Jordanian visa : this can be obtained in their own country at the Jordanian embassy or at the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv.


If passengers do not have a Jordanian visa but would like to travel to Jordan via the Arava crossing they can still pass the border


visitors staying 2 nights or more will receive free visa at the border

if they depart Jordan unexpectedly in less than 2 nights they will be subject to visa penalty on departure.


ISRAELI PASSPORT HOLDERS must travel on their Israel passport regardless if they have Dual citizenship


payment of border fees

The border fees are now $65 per person (One Day Tour to Petra) / plus visa or $60 visa fee: this money can be paid in exact amount in cash or by credit card if advised in advance. Credit card payment will have surcharge of $6 per person therefore $131 if paying by credit card.


Rates for tours to Petra are unchanged however cancellation fee of $80 per person will apply if cancelled 48 hours or less prior to departure as the visa is non refundable. other cancellation fees may apply:



Please note typed details should be sent by word document or on an email

Copies, faxes, handwritten and scans will not be accepted:

For 1 day tour we must send 48 hours in advance for 2 days 72 hours,

Please consider we need to send them so must have them ASAP:

Always at your kind service,

The Ahalan Olympus team