north of israel attractions and zimmers

The ultimate guide for you northern vacation

Cold winter days make way-spring is coming! The worm sunny weather of the Israeli spring is a great opportunity to travel to north Israel. In this time of the year the atmosphere is one of a kind: flowers are blooming, the creeks are flowing, and allot of unique places are opening their gates to the public. If you are planning a vacation in the north of Israel, here are a few ideas for activities and attractions close to your zimmer.

Allot of Israelis are considering the north as the most desired place for vacation, and the reasons for that are numerous: the pastoral view, the wide variety of restaurants and places to stay, and the availability of unique attractions. The peaceful atmosphere is addicting and allows you to detach from daily worries. It’s easy to find a zimmer in the north and just surrender yourself to the magic of the place. There is a wide variety of zimmers who are suitable for all types of vacations: There are family zimmers who are sutiable for vacation with the children, romantic zimmers for a pampering romantic vacation and even very large zimmers for organized group vacations. If you are planning your next vacation in the north keep reading, we will give you great ideas for activities to make your vacation perfect.

Explore the pastoral evergreen hiking trails of the north. There is a wide range of hiking trails in different levels of difficulty, suitable for all ages and are totally free. Some examples are: the Hexagon pool, Snir creek, HaShofet creek. Tel Dan nature reserve, and Keren Naftalie viewpoint. All of those are just a fraction of the beautiful and free hiking trails of the north.

Thrills on wheels:

If you are a bit adventures in nature you could choose from a variety of trips using all sorts of vehicles. Many places in the area are offering all kinds of motorized fun. You can take a ride on a sag way, jeep, ATV’s, buggies and more. In addition you can rent bicycles and go horseback riding. If you don’t like to stay “grounded” you can take a trip in an hot air balloon or take an airplane tour through the beautiful skies of Israel. If you prefer the water, we haven’t forgotten about you: there is a wide range of rafting, kayaking and boat trips available.

Animal farms-attraction for kids:

For the families who are planning to travel in the area, know that there is an abundance of fun and enriching activities for your children. One of the most favorable activities for children is playing with animals. In the northern area there are allot of zoos, petting zoos and animal farms, and birdwatching facilities. These amazing activities could provide your children with hours of fun!

Take your vacation to the extreme:

The north area is filled with attractions that will make you scream, in a good way. In different places in the north there is a variety of climbing walls, professional go-kart tracks, skydiving and paintball facilities, that you can explore with your family and friends for an extreme and adventurous vacation.

We wish you a great vacation in any zimmer or attraction you will choose, and most importantly, enjoy your quality time with yourself and your love ones.

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