Tel Aviv & Old Jaffa

Tour Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa is the oldest part of Tel Aviv which is a city in Israel. Being the historical country that it is, the oldest part of any town in Israel is likely to be containing a lot of history and historical architecture. Historically, Old Jaffa has existed for four millennia now and has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times during that time. Tel Aviv is a city with all the architecture to show you the times of the Roman Empire, the revolts, the Persian history and the Arabic-Jewish coexistence. Touring round Tel Aviv without forgetting to review old Jaffa will be very enjoyable definitely.

Tel Aviv &  Old Jaffa

The tour

A tour has been organized for foreigners who would love to tour and see for themselves the rich history of Tel Aviv & amp. The tour starts with boarding a plane to Tel Aviv airport. There are numerous Hotels around the airport which can accommodate you before the tour starts, a tour guide will help you settle on the hotel that will serve your interests best. The tour is very conclusive and will take very short time of only two hours. This will allow you to have a feel of the history and anthropology of Old Jaffa and its people and later find time to go and attend to issues or enjoy yourself in other tourist activities that are offered in Tel Aviv.

For you to qualify for this tour:

  • You must be above sixteen years of age
  • For females, you should not be pregnant as the tour will involve a lot of walking and climbing which might not be good for the health of your fetus and yourself.
  • You should have a weight of above forty five kg (one hundred pounds) but bellow one hundred and twenty kg (two hundred and fifty pounds) for you to cope well with the physical activities that the tour will involve.

All people going for the tour will meet at Jaffa port which is near Loweat coffee shop. There will be no gratuities for the tour and the tourists will not be picked or dropped at their hotels.
Among the attractants that are likely to interest you during the tour are:

  • A walk through the streets of Jaffa for you to see the renovated Ha Tachana railway station
    Exploration of Neve Shalom district where Chaim Nahman Bialik (a poet in ancient Israel) lived.
  • Explore the first Jewish neighborhood which was built outside the walls of ancient Jaffa at Neve Tzedek, Organized under daily/Private tours of Jerusalem.
  • Visit to central Tel Aviv to see Bauhaus
    Learning deep history of the most culturally liberal city in Israel



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