Touring Sites in Tiberias 

Tiberias is tantamount with holidays in Israel. It is a city that provides wonderful opportunities to mix nature with relaxation, contemporary with historical attractions, active water sports with serene quietness, and unique tourist attractions with pilgrimage sites with our Israel Holy Land Tour Operators.

Tiberias is situated on the shores of L. Kineret. It is Israel’s lowest city at an altitude of two hundred meters below sea level. Tiberias attracts thousands of travelers and tourists. It is a city that provides a variety of activities and attractions of all ages.

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Some of the touring sites in Tiberias include

Gan Hashlosha National Park

The most striking features of Gan Hashlosha include the three lochs of fresh water which are heated to 830 C throughout the year and the gorgeous waterfalls.

Jordan River National Park

This park occupies about 250 acres. It extends bit about a mile plus in the north east of the Sea of Galilee. The park offers extensive green spaces and beautiful nature trails for the tourists.

Bet Alfa Synagogue

The synagogue takes you back in time to the reign of Emperor Justinian. The synagogue resembles a church with mosaic floors ornamented with foreign images. Up to now the identity of a community that constructed this synagogue remains unknown.

Gan Guru Australian Park

Gan Guru is located in the Jezreel Valley. The park is primarily created as an attraction site for children and families. It is a zoo for animals imported from Australia such as the kakadus, emus, cassowary flightless birds, koalas, foxes, and kangaroos.

Graves of the Sages

It is located on the Western shores of the Sea of Galilee. Tiberias is among the four Israel’s cities holy to Judaism. Important Jewish rabbinical figures are often buried in this historical and scenic coastal town.

Tiberias Hot Springs

This is a great destination located on the south of Tiberias. The mineral hot spring erupts at 1400F and then cools to 980F. The site offers a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

Beit Shean Ruins

Beit Shean is among the ancient cities in Israel. Beit Shean is said to date back to about five thousand years. The city is located in the North of Israel at the meeting point of Jezreel Valley and Jordan River Valley.

Cruise on the Sea of Galilee

Enjoy the gentle rocking of the waves on the Cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Tourists can look overhead to have a beautiful look of the seagulls and enjoy watching the vast quantities of the St. Peter’s Fish which is local to the area.

Other touring sites in Tiberias include Belvoir National Park, Korazim National Park, Ma’ ayan National Park, She’ an nights, Tomb of Rachel in Tiberias, Tiberias Cemetry, Kibbutz Experience among others.

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