Travel to jerusalem

To Get A Glimpse Of Living History, Travel To Jerusalem To Get A Glimpse Of Living History, Travel To Jerusalem You don’t have to be on a pilgrimage to travel to Jerusalem. Along with being known for its religious significance, Jerusalem is also known as a place that has witnessed many historical events and a culturally rich city. The best time to travel to Jerusalem is in the months of April, September and October when the temperatures are more tourist friendly. If you can bear the heat, make the most of off season rates in July. The city is conservative by nature so pack accordingly. Also carry a head scarf or shawl and a good pair of walking shoes.

The Israeli airport of Ben-Gurion is the closest airport to Jerusalem. Non-stop flights are available from most major cities to the Ben-Gurion airport. Buses, sheruts, shared taxis and private taxis are readily available outside the airport to take you on the 45 minute drive to Jerusalem. To go around Jerusalem, hire a private car or try the Jerusalem Light Rail that runs from Mt Herzl to Heyl HaAvir.

Travel to jerusalem

There are many places to be visited in Jerusalem. at the top of that list is The Wailing Wall or western wall. The Old City of Jerusalem, Holocaust Memorial- Yad Vashem and Tower of David are a few of the other places that should not be missed. The old city of Jerusalem is full of winding pathways of make sure you have a map in hand before you start exploring it. Early morning is the best time to start exploring these parts of Jerusalem. Jerusalem also has many museums that speak of its history and entertainment options for children.. Get your fill of spices, teas, cheese, breads and tahini at the Mahane Yehuda Market. An important point to remember while travelling to Jerusalem is that this market as well as all other places are closed on Saturday or the Shabbat
Many people also travel to Jerusalem for the culinary experience.

Every time people migrated to Jerusalem they added their flavour to the food in Jerusalem. Thus the flavor of food in Jerusalem is influenced by African, Mediterranean and middle Eastern cuisines. Falafels, hummus, halvah and variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices can be found throughout the city. Breakfast in Jerusalem truly is a meal fit for the Kings. A typical breakfast buffet includes a variety of cheeses, fish, eggs, salads, , hummus, halloumi, baba ghanoush and labaneh. Other mouth watering treats that must be a part of your Jerusalem experience are knafehs, beigelehs, sabich and malabi. The thriving café and bar scene beyond the walls of the old city showcase more contemporary flavours.

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