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Touring the Holy City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a religious centre that is sacred to all those that profess Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is therefore regarded a holy city and for this reason, the town hosts hundreds of pilgrims from all over the world who go there for a religious tour or to vacation with their loved ones..

Knowing about the weather will help you determine when you choose to visit. Winter season in Jerusalem is from December to March, and during this time accommodation is cheaper. Spring is between April and May; here the temperatures are warmer and more comfortable. Summer lasts from June till September and it’s the most popular time for tourists thus it is considered a peak season. Autumn lasts from October to November. It is still a pleasant time to tour since the temperatures are still warm.

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For all those travel enthusiasts, Jerusalem tours has some very classic sites that will be worth your visit. These include;

1. Tayelet (Haas promenade).

This lovely park located in the Talpiyot area on the side of the mountain offers a beautiful view of Mount of Olives, the Old City and the Judean desert towards the Red Sea. It is a great historical place to hang out.

2. Jaffa gate.

If you enter the Old city through Jaffa gate, then you have the added benefit of touring Citadel (the tower of David or the Old City Ramparts. You can then proceed to the Souk where you can then enjoy the sights and smell of the bazaar which is a mix of tourists’ goods, spices and other artifacts.

3. Mount Zion.

This is where you will find David’s tomb and other great views of the Old and New Cities of Jerusalem.

4. Church of the holy sepulcher.

It is considered a sacred place for Christians and it is found deep inside the Souk. However, you need to confirm the opening times before visiting.

5. Western wall (Kotel).

It is the only remaining part of the temple compound since it was destroyed by the Romans in 70BC when they attacked the city. Here Christians offer prayers and place written notes in the cracks.

6. Bird’s eye view.

Here you can enjoy stunning views of the Old city and Mount olives. It is located near the Cardo climb onto Jerusalem’s Old city roof top walk.

Jerusalem is one of the most toured destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why that is so. Moreover, one thing you can be guaranteed of is that the Holy Land Tour will not only be significant to you but also exciting.